Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Noteworthy Anniversary of My Arrival to Earth

Here it comes folks, one-fourth of a century, my quarter life crisis, the big TWO-FIVE.  Not too excited about that, but hey, what’s a girl to do? 

 And what’s the plan for the celebration, you ask?  Well, as it turns out, I will be staying in a hotel for free in Philadelphia and getting to eat and drink for free thanks to a lovely little thing called a per diem!  50 bucks a day just to eat all the Philly cheese steaks and soft pretzels I want!!  And how, you may ask?  Well, you are looking at the defense opener on The Penn State University Dickinson School of Law’s National Trial Team and we will be competing in the regional competition over my birthday weekend, beginning on Thursday, the day before the blessed memoriam.   So thanks for the weekend birthday trip, Penn State!  So does that mean I will intentionally under-perform to knock us out of the competition early and allow for some free birthday sightseeing?  No comment.

And since I will be gone for my birthday, dearest Kendrick was kind enough to come for a visit this weekend for a more traditional birthday celebration including a festive homemade carrot birthday cake (a personal favorite of both of us)!  Festive really is the best word…and Fabulous:

…aaaaaand I opened my presents early :O  since I won’t be at home on the big day.  They included a gorgeous fuschia trench coat [I’m wearing it below in the photo with my snowshoes and I'm actually wearing it right NOW!], an amazing book called Design Sponge at Home (Love it!  Totally inspiring!),

 lovely earrings from my grandma, and a bosu ball from K which I have been wanting SO BAD for SO LONG!  He even helped me pump it up :) what a nice guy.

 And I got myself a gift compliments of b-day money from my grandparents: a new cover for my laptop to replace my cracked up non-fitting (although pretty) old one.  My laptop, the love of my life, will certainly be grateful.

Wish me luck in Philly, and happy birthday to me!

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