Sunday, January 8, 2012

That's a Wrap!

2011- the year in review.

You don't have the read this.  There aren't even any photos.  It's more me giving myself a pat on my back...sorry.  The post before this has several photos, enjoy that post instead.  I just think its important to remember where you've been and to appreciate the experiences that you have; because, if you forget, then you haven't learned and you haven't improved yourself.  I try to do both every day- learn and improve myself, and I find this easy & fun to do when I am out there doing!

Looking over past blogs, photos stashed on my Desktop, and entries in my calendar, I can say that I had some amazing experiences this year.  The theme seems to be cultural experiences- whether an international festival, or a national museum, I did a lot!  I even can cross a few things off the old bucket list after this year, including:

  • Eat at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland (CHECK!)
  • Ride on the paddle boats in the DC Tidal Basin (CHECK!)
  • Live in or near Washington D.C. (CHECK!)
  • Explore the Guggenheim Museum in New York City (CHECK!)

That's right- FOUR life goals accomplished! :D  And all while maintaining insane full-time law student status.  I am very proud.

Some other noteworthy experiences include:

  • I saw the infamous Spiderman Broadway show
  • The Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church in Harrisburg, PA
  • Indoor rock climbing twice
  • Buying last-minute scalped tickets to see the New York Ballet
  • I participated in Yoga for Congo Women
  • For the entire year I worked as a Certified Legal Intern at the Children's Advocacy Clinic, appearing in court on behalf of minors- and I LOVED IT!
  • Internship in Maryland in the Juvenile Division of the Public Defender's Office- AMAZING! New life dream!
  • I went to jail!  Lots of times!  I had never been before!  Fortunately, they let me out every time :)  [advised incarcerated clients]
  • I ran in Race Judicata- my school's 5K- and I got my best 5K time ever (7:47 pace!)- which got me 3rd place
  • I ran in my first half marathon!  It was crazy!  I ran at Hershey, PA, and finished in 1:55 :D
  • I had my first experience at Sacrament Meeting with kids...I was watching Ali & Patrick's boys and it was DEFINITELY a learning experience! Haha!  I will never judge the moms of noisy kids in church again!
  • Cool things while living near DC:
    • West Indies Festival
    • Learned to salsa dance
    • Watched the 4th of July fireworks show from the lawn of the US Capitol
    • Attended 2 Nationals baseball games
    • Went on the Gargoyle Tour at the Washington National Cathedral- so cool!
    • Became a Smithsonian expert, including seeing:
      • The National Portrait Gallery
      • The Arts & Crafts Museum
      • National Gallery of Art
      • National Sculpture Garden
    • Went to the Women's Art Museum
    • Went to the Newseum- very interesting
  • I participated as a "lawyer" in the Penn State Medical Negligence Colloquium mock trial, and my side won!
  • I made it onto the Penn State Law's National Trial Team :D
Yeah, I'd say it was a good year :)

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