Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome Home Baby Colin!

That's right, my little bro baby Colin is home from the wiles of El Salvador, with not so legal weapons in tow!  But we won't talk about that...

We had a great weekend all together as a family- it has been a LONG time since I've seen all of my brothers at once.  Someone had the brilliant plan to have a secret special op trip to a new sushi restaurant.  And it wasnt just ANY sushi place, it was a...drum roll, please...A REVOLVING SUSHI BAR!!

Yes, as good as it sounds!  You just pick up whatever cute little sushis you want as they travel around the restaurant on a conveyor belt!  Brilliant!
 Me & Mike

 The infamous Baby Colin and Baby Evan

So Colin had the grand idea of getting the baby octopus...and sharing

The texture was a little...off-putting (see below)
But the taste wasn't half bad!  I swear!

LOTS of fun with my brothers, Mike even said it was his favorite part of the weekend :)

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