Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Salsa That Wasn't

One of my Maryland buddies has been graciously imparting some of his culture on me and has been attempting to teach me salsa dancing.  Very brave of him...

So we went to DC after work only to discover that the place we had intended to test drive my pseudo-skills was open every day for salsa dancing except for that particular day...figures.  Then the other nearby place wasn't going to open its dance floor until past my weeknight bedtime.

SOOO, I got a free tour of Dupont Circle from a local!  Almost as good and certainly less frightening than the prospect of making a big white idiot of myself on the dance floor :)

Pretty, right?

Plus National Geographic has, of course, an awesome office building:
 (anime scared face)

And I got to eat some legit empanadas, yum :)

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