Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farewell to MD

So after saving the youth of Gorgeous Prince George's from police brutality, false imprisonment, and trumped up charges by corrupt officials, I have made my way back north of the Mason Dixon- but not before having lots of good old fashion Maryland FUN!

I played some riveting tennis matches with my roommate as well as the salsa dancer (KO). 
Right after this photo was taken, I won a match 10-1 (we were playing first to 10) and I felt pretty good about myself :)  I even beat an Asian!  Racist, yes.  Still proud?  DOUBLY yes!!  My grandpa is an honorary Vietnamese person at the tennis court near my parent's house, so I will use that as justification for saying what I just said.  And come on, I grew up in Garden Grove- we all have honorary Vietnamese status ;)  {mmmm... Lee's sandwiches... I'm drooling just thinking about it!  Although I try not to brag about my Asian roots because a Korean girl at school keeps trying to pass off her extra kimchi on me!  NO THANKS!}  Holy tangent...

Okay, so I also got to see the Basilica at Catholic University just down the road...

I went to the University of Maryland Observatory and got to look through some HUGE telescopes and learn all about Mission DAWN.

Awesome picnic with KO and with a little help from the farmer's market, Wegmans, and some local ethnic chefs:

Peruvian food!

And I said farewell to all my new BFFs at work.  Here is Brit and me acting like we're working...I mean, working VERY hard:

And here's me being Vanna in front of our in-office mall, which is actually pretty sweet because this gigantic closet is often the only way that our clients can have something that is NOT a bright orange jumpsuit to wear in court.  And most of the the clothes have been donated by staff- very nice.

Bye MD :'(  And please start forwarding my mail, I really need my new textbooks right about now!

P.S. I also saw Lauren from Jerusalem on the DC Metro last week!  SCORE!! :D  And Mom visited, but she is still holding those photos hostage!

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  1. Hooray for the shoutout! I love that we ran into each other. I'm so glad you saw me! Good luck in school this year. Come visit again and lets plan to meet up next time :)