Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farewell to MD

So after saving the youth of Gorgeous Prince George's from police brutality, false imprisonment, and trumped up charges by corrupt officials, I have made my way back north of the Mason Dixon- but not before having lots of good old fashion Maryland FUN!

I played some riveting tennis matches with my roommate as well as the salsa dancer (KO). 
Right after this photo was taken, I won a match 10-1 (we were playing first to 10) and I felt pretty good about myself :)  I even beat an Asian!  Racist, yes.  Still proud?  DOUBLY yes!!  My grandpa is an honorary Vietnamese person at the tennis court near my parent's house, so I will use that as justification for saying what I just said.  And come on, I grew up in Garden Grove- we all have honorary Vietnamese status ;)  {mmmm... Lee's sandwiches... I'm drooling just thinking about it!  Although I try not to brag about my Asian roots because a Korean girl at school keeps trying to pass off her extra kimchi on me!  NO THANKS!}  Holy tangent...

Okay, so I also got to see the Basilica at Catholic University just down the road...

I went to the University of Maryland Observatory and got to look through some HUGE telescopes and learn all about Mission DAWN.

Awesome picnic with KO and with a little help from the farmer's market, Wegmans, and some local ethnic chefs:

Peruvian food!

And I said farewell to all my new BFFs at work.  Here is Brit and me acting like we're working...I mean, working VERY hard:

And here's me being Vanna in front of our in-office mall, which is actually pretty sweet because this gigantic closet is often the only way that our clients can have something that is NOT a bright orange jumpsuit to wear in court.  And most of the the clothes have been donated by staff- very nice.

Bye MD :'(  And please start forwarding my mail, I really need my new textbooks right about now!

P.S. I also saw Lauren from Jerusalem on the DC Metro last week!  SCORE!! :D  And Mom visited, but she is still holding those photos hostage!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome Home Baby Colin!

That's right, my little bro baby Colin is home from the wiles of El Salvador, with not so legal weapons in tow!  But we won't talk about that...

We had a great weekend all together as a family- it has been a LONG time since I've seen all of my brothers at once.  Someone had the brilliant plan to have a secret special op trip to a new sushi restaurant.  And it wasnt just ANY sushi place, it was a...drum roll, please...A REVOLVING SUSHI BAR!!

Yes, as good as it sounds!  You just pick up whatever cute little sushis you want as they travel around the restaurant on a conveyor belt!  Brilliant!
 Me & Mike

 The infamous Baby Colin and Baby Evan

So Colin had the grand idea of getting the baby octopus...and sharing

The texture was a (see below)
But the taste wasn't half bad!  I swear!

LOTS of fun with my brothers, Mike even said it was his favorite part of the weekend :)

The Salsa That Wasn't

One of my Maryland buddies has been graciously imparting some of his culture on me and has been attempting to teach me salsa dancing.  Very brave of him...

So we went to DC after work only to discover that the place we had intended to test drive my pseudo-skills was open every day for salsa dancing except for that particular day...figures.  Then the other nearby place wasn't going to open its dance floor until past my weeknight bedtime.

SOOO, I got a free tour of Dupont Circle from a local!  Almost as good and certainly less frightening than the prospect of making a big white idiot of myself on the dance floor :)

Pretty, right?

Plus National Geographic has, of course, an awesome office building:
 (anime scared face)

And I got to eat some legit empanadas, yum :)

A Capital Independece Day

A little late, but still pretty cool.

Spent the 4th of July this year in DC and it was GREAT!

Started out at the Nationals Game with some of my fellow interns...well, it was supposed to be SOME of my fellow interns, but they all ended up hung over or with parents showing up in town unannounced, so it was just me and good old Charlie who ended up being able to make it- but we lived it up!  It was free hat day, but since a baseball game is apparently was every true American wants to do on Independence Day, there were none left by the time we got there :(  But we had our hopes up and it was very sunny, so we forked over some dollars and bought our own.

It was all patriotism with the national being performed- I swear- 3 times, and sickening country songs about the USA blaring over the loud speakers and soldiers carrying flags around and, to top it all off, my lady liberty sun glasses.

Only for you, America, only for you.

Next I walked to the National Mall, went through security, and told security all about the Nationals victory after the doofus outfielder who had been dropping the ball (literally) stole both 3rd and home for the win.  They asked when they saw my fancy new hat.  I did leave out for them the parts about the super fans sitting behind Charlie and I, shouting out supportive gems such as "Whadda we pay you for ya bum?!  You're a $120 million mistake!"  There he is behind me:

What a peach.

Anyway, back to the National Mall.  So my mother said it best when she called and asked "Do you feel like a patriotic sardine?"  Saving my spot for 3 hours, laying down in the grass only to wake up with people standing above my head...yes, I certainly did feel like a sardine in a sea of red, white, and blue.

 Interestingly enough, the only people NOT wearing their patriotic colors was the French couple sitting right in front of me.  The were visibly annoyed about all the standing and sitting for the patriotic tunes and were the only ones not belting out God Bless America with tears all over the place.  Needless to say, as soon as a couple sprinkles came down they gladly peaced out.
 The concert was cool, enjoyed the show very much, including Steve Martin's grammy-winning bluegrass band (true story)- the French couple REALLY didn't like that!

And then the real show began, the fireworks:
Against the backdrop of the Washington Monument- pretty cool.

A few days later I was back at National's Stadium with the formerly punked out other interns and this time I scored my free hat, so now I have TWO Nationals hats, which I guess makes me also a superfan :)