Monday, June 27, 2011

West Indies Fest, AKA, Marijuana Mob

I had the cultural experience of attending the West Indies Fest this weekend.  Here are some highlights (lowlights??):
 There was a parade and so some people were dressed up and painted and you name it- doesn't this girl's outfit remind you of the ride Small World?  Also, I'm not as much of a creeper as this picture would lead you to believe!  I had the camera at my hip and just nonchalantly snapped a pic that happened to come out like this.  Honest.
 Even people who weren't in the parade we dressed crazy!  Pretty sure that is a man in the orange skirt... And let's not forget all of the stoners passed out along the street.

 And this is why I came!  To have my first JBP! (Jamaican Beef Patty)  It was delish!  The Jamaican Ginger Beer was also reeeeeally good!
 Then I had some oxtails, red beans & rice, and fried plantains- quite tasty.  Not a huge fan of the plantains, but otherwise it was all great.  Not pictured is the amazing Jerk Chicken and Coco Bread that I wolfed down on my walk to the festival- the streets all around were PACKED with people, venders, performers, and MORE and MORE people- I felt like a sardine the ENTIRE time!  And it was so crowded that it took me over an hour just to walk from the Metro down the street to the actual festival!

Here are some musicians, well, one steel drum musician and some trash can musicians- one even was playing on a PLASTIC trash can!  The funny thing is, it sounded GREAT and people were dancing to their tunes all down the street! :D
 Students from Howard University watching the spectacle:

Two favorite parts of the day:

1) The traffic was a mess with people crowding into the street and not caring about the stoplights, just flooding the road regardless of the lights.  At one point, a nice, shiny Bentley was trying to make its way down the street until a small group of gangsta-looking young men jumped out in front of it saying "whoa, whoa, hold on a second."  It looked like they were just crossing the street, but then they started posing in front of the car and taking goofy pictures of each other with the Bentley! -in the middle of the street!!- meanwhile the poor driver is like "hey!  move it!"  It was HILARIOUS.

2) On my walk back to the Metro, traffic was diverted because some people got shot outside the festival (seriously, like a few minutes walking distance in front of me) and so police were blocking the street.  As I walked down a side street, everyone was all mad about trying to get to the Metro and an old man with missing teeth walked up next to me and this is the conversation we had:

OM:   Oh hey Boo, how are you?
Me:   Fine, thanks.
OM:   Man, I would smoke a blunt with you; I've got some stuff right now!
OM:   So, do you want to?
Me:   Nah, thanks man, but I've got to get home.

True story :)

So besides the shooting, all in all, a good day down in DC! :D

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