Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yoga For Congo Women

I have been waiting to put up this post until the photos from the event were released, aaaaannnd- they finally were!
So at the end of April, the nonprofit Yoga for Congo Women hosted an event in my very own Carlisle, PA, and it was awesome!  During a relaxing hour of yoga, calming music was played and between/during poses, recent fact and figures about the civil war in the DR Congo as well as personal stories about women who have been helped by the group Women for Women International (the group that receives ALL proceeds from Yoga for Congo Women events) were given.  It was very enlightening and very moving.  I had a marvelous time.

Plus, I realized that I'm pretty much a yoga model ;)

Some ladies from church who attended:

If there are no events coming soon to your area, please consider a donation to this wonderful group promoting awareness to people in the US about the conflict in the Congo, and sending financial and emotional aid to women with lives filled with little more than tragedy after tragedy.
Plus the founder is a BYU grad- yay!

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  1. You are a beautiful yoga model! They should put you on the flyer. And the place looks very pretty, too.