Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So, I love to recycle.  I think it is BRILLIANT!  Why make more stuff, when we already have tons of stuff in landfills?? DUH!  In fact maybe I recycle too much...I wash all my pudding cups and yogurt cups and cans from beans and stuff...pretty much 1/3 of what's in my sink ends up getting washed and put in the recycle bin (although 100% does get washed- don't worry!).  And one week when my bin was, as usual, teeming with reusable goodness, my anorexic neighbor said, "Geez, girl!  How much do you eat?!"  Well...we'll leave that story at that.

Anyway, so one day I was eating my delicious Odwalla (a company which, by the way, uses sugar cane to make their plastic bottles!) protein bar and noticed a little insignia on the back for TerraCycle, Inc. and I did a little websearch and learned all about UPCYCLING and now I'm hooked!  So the premise of this company is:
1) Making new stuff takes a lot of energy and resources.
2) Recycling old stuff saves resources, but still uses energy.
3) Upcycling old stuff saves both energy AND resources because you do not have to drastically change the form of the old stuff like you do when you Recycle (think melting glass or plastic).

So have you ever seen those purses made of Capri Sun pouches or coin purses made from M&Ms wrappers?  Those have been Upcycled!  In other words, repurposed without needing to have their form greatly altered.

PLUS, TerraCycle gives money to a charity of your choice (you can even have them donate to your local school!!) for every item of waste that you ship to them that can be Upcycled.  So I just sent in my first batch of collected Upcyclables- I currently collect energy bar wrappers, cheese bags (like the plastic Sargento ones), and cereal bags- all things that most people would probably throw in the garbage, but can actually be repurposed AND make money for charity!  Now that is brilliant!

DO IT!  You have nothing to lose!  They even pay your shipping costs! :D

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