Monday, May 16, 2011

Indoor Climbing

I have a few days before I relocate to MD to start my internship and so I have been trying to do some post-finals unwinding.  Soooo, my law school buddy Sarah and I decided to go rock climbing!  The high schooler dude helping us get our equipment set up asked if we'd ever been climbing before and I said, really (I swear!) not trying to be a snob, "Well, its been a few years, the last time was in Australia...I've also climbed in Utah and California..."  Wow.  Unbelievable snobbishness without even trying!  I felt bad!  I'm not any good, so he probably thought I was a big fat liar, haha!  It made me realize that I've been extremely lucky to do a ton of adventurous and fun things throughout my life.  Hooray for adventure! :D
Me, smiling for all the little people below :)

Action shot!


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