Monday, May 9, 2011

Glorious Spring!

I've lived in a lot of places and experienced many different climates during my tumble-weed life.  You cannot beat the mild winters of Southern California, and fall in northern Utah is beautiful with the Wasatch Mountains ablaze in changing leaves, but I have to say, spring in Pennsylvania is GLORIOUS!
Maybe it's just the contrast after experiencing the misery of winter (it's actually true what they all say about a "dry cold" being better than a "wet cold"!), but regardless, I am thoroughly enjoying the blossoming trees.

I have been taking a lot of bike rides and walks recently to clear my head from excessive studying and life stress, and on one walk last week I had the brilliance to bring my camera.  These photos aren't even the best of the best places, just what I saw within a 10-minute walking radius from my apartment, but I think they're lovely.  Cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, and just miles and miles of green.   Plus every bush and tree is teeming with cardinals, robins, bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks (they are ADORABLE!).  Plus there is some really cool, old architecture out here, verses the consistently dull 1950's/1960's design of nearly every house in my hometown.
People out here think I'm joking when I say "Where I come from, we don't really have trees..."  But seriously!  We've got palm trees back home, the occasional cypress and olive tree, not to mention the cell phone towers disguised to look like trees, but that's about it!  In suburban coastal So Cal, there is really no such thing as Empty Space or fields.  Sad but true; the price we pay for glamor ;)


  1. I went to Philadelphia in May a number of years ago. For someone who has grown up in So. Cal it was breathtaking.

    You'll do great on your finals.

  2. It's true! You do live in a beautiful place. I still get excited when I think about seeing lightening bugs for the first time last summer:)

  3. It is glorious in the spring in Nauvoo and Carlisle - Enjoy! I loved the Redbud trees.