Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Epic Tea Party

To showcase my British heritage, Australian sentiments, and secret girly side, I decided to have a tea party with some of my lady friends from law school a week or two after my birthday.  This one would have even made Evan and Colin proud, as they were often the victims of my frequent demand, with quivering lip, of "b-b-but, I'm about to head back to BYU and I just really NEED to have a tea party before I go!" 

They humored me.  And they even wore hats.  And, yes, I know that they loved it!  Who can honestly say no to an afternoon of treats and gossip?!  Not even them!

So here is the lot of us:

Yep, those are legit petit fours!  And I cooked up a storm: lemon bars, cucumber sandwiches, apple phyllo tart, lemon curd berry tart (which I "accidentally" ended up leaving in the fridge the whole time, so I basically ate the whole thing by myself over the next couple days...or hours...), giant fresh strawberries, etc.

And here is me at present time:

My favorite guest comment was "this is so much more fun than just going to a bar for drinks on someone's birthday!"



  1. Very posh! Love the fascinaters-you are all beautiful. And nice job "forgetting" the cake in the fridge:)

  2. LOL - way to go linds! It looks amazing! And Happy Birthday. I'm a bad cousin :)

  3. My friends are wanting me to do a tea party - will you please come and help me? gma