Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow (ice) Day

Snow, followed by warmer temperatures to melt the snow, followed by colder temperatures to freeze the melted snow, followed by freezing rain to freeze onto the newly frozen melted snow = ICE DAY! 

Poor Minnie is VERY far from home!  But on the upside, she grew legs!   ;D

It was actually really pretty how it created an ice sheath covering all the tree branches; unfortunately,  it also covered all the sidewalks, roads, and power lines, which explains why the power went out in my apartment about 5 times that day...

Good thing I was all stocked up on food and ready to get iced in...or not.  Don't worry, my pickles and plain yogurt sustained me!


Well, just as one of many examples to illustrate what a great gift-giver I am and what cultured people we are, Dan's Christmas gift was tickets to Spiderman on Broadway, which we saw a couple weeks ago!

We were actually incredibly lucky since tons of performances have been cancelled and the official opening date has been pushed back about 15 times and apparently multiple stunt doubles/actors for Spiderman have had some serious falls, but the show must go on and it DID!

The show was really great- Raj would have totally appreciated the comic-style art and perspective that they incorperated into the set design, very cool.  And it was actually a musical!  Surprisingly, the actors actually sang really well!  Picture angsty Peter Parker getting his glasses broken by bullies and then soulfully yearning for more to some sweet electric guitar clamor...yeah, pretty cool!

Since we went to a matinee, we had all day to goof around midtown and so we pretty much ate our may through New York while we waited for our show to start.

Dan's choice: Gray's Papaya- a hot dog and fruit drink place

My obvious choice: Crumbs Bakeshop...duh!

And then that waistline saboteur of a male companion that I have decided that I NEEDED to try Magnolia Bakery and compare it to my usual staple of Crumbs, so suddenly I found myself wisked away and eating Devil's Food Cake and Red Velvet cupcakes...I felt a little bit like a traitor...but it was SO good going down that I didn't even mind so much!  Their chocolate frosting tasted just like my mom's, so that was a major bonus point for Magnolia.  Oh, my poor cholesterol levels...

Great Day! :D