Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Adventures

I have been thinking a little bit about the things that I have done for the first time since this time last year...

-I ran my first 5K, in fact I ran 3 of them!  One with a 2nd place ribbon, one with a 1st place certificate, and one with a pumpkin pie as my earnings!
-I completed P90X!  As seen on tv...
-I saw The Lion King on Broadway, and off of Broadway I saw Camelot and heard the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra perform twice
-I went to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Jersey for the first time
-I had my first experience paintballing...ouch
-I shot a pistol
-I became a weekly farmer's market shopper
-I wrote a dozen pro bono custody agreements for indigent families

So wow!  I always say that I don't have any time and that I am soooooo busy, which I am, but it looks like I've managed to do more than homework after all, and that is great.  As my dad says, you need to take time away from your work to sharpen your saw :)  I am excited for the fun that this year will bring!

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