Friday, September 10, 2010

Ye Olde Renaissance Faire

So...I finally went to frolic at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and it was hilarious!  So many dorky people!  Honestly, I'm talking bigger weirdos than at Comicon...and that is saying something!  Probably the oddest thing was a booth where you paid money to get some glassware to smash against a wall!  Yeah...I have no idea...

Here are some highlights:

Jousting Tournament!

Eating a giant turkey leg like a total barbarian

In the stocks outside the torture museum :)

And best of all, the proverbial POKEY POPCORN WAGON!  I don't know how many times that reference has been made to me, and finally, here it is!  I was so excited!

Also so a little juggling, fire swallowing, and so forth.  Quite the adventure!

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