Monday, August 23, 2010

The Last Hurrah

So between me working full-time plus a 1hr 10min commute everyday and Dan studying his guts out for the Bar Exam, we really didn't have too much fun this summer...until the last two weeks!  And they were a BLAST!

We got massages (amaaaaaaazing), had some lovely dinners out with Mom and Grandma (plus an excellent chocolate dome from Wegman's- THANKS MOM!), went to my favorite place- the farmer's market- with his dog, and...

Went to the pistol range:

Went to Knoebels, this funny little amusement park/water park/carnival/picnic area/ski lift hidden among the PA trees:

(Yes, that's TOTALLY the same arm wrestling luchador machine from the Princess Diaries!)

Went whitewater rafting on the Lehigh River and even paint balling! (ouch)  Unfortunately, there is no way I was gonna bring my camera either on a raft or into a war you'll have to use your imagination.  This pic is supposedly where we were, so just think of my head in one of those helmets, haha.  But it just goes to show that the "stay-cation" can truly be a wonderful thing.  There's soooo much more to life than watching tv and playing video games, so get out there and enjoy your world!  ...or at least your state :)

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  1. Hooray for fun times. You will have to teach me how to shoot a pistol, I've been thinking I should make that one of my skills. I miss being with you:(