Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a gardener!

So, although I have very limited space with which to grow anything.  But I used my resourcefulness and carried home some old discarded wooden planter beds from the side of the road on my way home from school, put some dirt in em and threw in some seeds and...VOILA!
Oregano, parley, basil, bell peppers, lettuce, and chili peppers.  It's AWESOME!

I use them all the time and my cooking has certainly improved as a result.  Not to mention constantly buying fresh herbs is really expensive, especially when half of them usually go bad before you can use them.  Therefore, I highly recommend this!

I also have a hanging gourd/bird house (it's like my favorite thing ever) and a hanging flower basket that started out as some dead looking rejected little thing of flowers that were the leftovers from some Relief Society thing.

And they GREW!
I've pretty much never kept a plant alive besides cactus, and that's mostly because I went to college and my mom kept it alive.  So this is very exciting for me!  There's just something really cool about watching the plants come to life and flourish under your care.  It's been a fun experience for me :)  Not to mention I did a waaaay better job than my neighbor:

hahahaha :D


  1. Wow!!! I am very impressed with your skills as a gardener. Grandpa Bill would be pleased:]

  2. Impressive! You take after your mother. Can't wait to taste some of that home grown goodness.

  3. You sure did do better then your neighbor! LOL... did anything grow out of the gourd? or was it supposed to? Way to go on the garden too! xoxo Betsy

  4. Dude, girl. I can't keep my cactus alive, or even my wheatgrass for the cat (which is, hypethetically, just weeds). I'm death to plants, so I admire your greatness with your vegetables.

    Hm. I wrote that really weirdly worded.