Saturday, May 15, 2010


So in the midst of finals, I did what I always do- make a selfish impulse purchase!  At BYU, after selling my books back to the bookstore, I used to use some of my buyback money and buy a new shirt or sweater or something like that.  Unfortunately, we don't have a bookstore here, so I opted for a little something that I have been DYING to try since I saw it in New York City a few months ago: cupcakes from Crumbs Bakeshop!  So getting some cupcakes shipped out from New York City with dried ice was pretty pricey...but OH SO WORTH IT!!

I just waited and waited in my house all day that they were supposed to come.  Every time I heard a truck go by outside I would hold my breath and squeal, and finally... they came!

They came in a pretty striped box and I was absolutely jumping up and down my apartment.  They were HUGE and I cleaned them up in about 3 days...haha...hey!  I was stressed! :D

And they were AMAZING!
Check them out: 

Here are the flavors I ordered:
-Baba Booey (peanut butter chocolate)
-Blackout (SUPER chocolate)
-Grasshopper (mint & chocolate)
-Red Velvet
-Apple Strudel
-Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Yeah, amazing.  That's brain food for you.  Definitely doing it again next year!


  1. I love cupcakes too! When you come home, we may have to make a trip to LA and stop in at Crumbs. We should also stop in at a few other bakeries, just to make sure we have tasted the best... :)

  2. Best splurge I've heard of in a long time! And they must have worked:-) Will the cupcakes become a lucky routine prior to finals? kind of like a batter banging his shoes before stepping into the batter's box?

  3. Ashlee- I am a bakery junkie! Once between Saturday sessions of conference I managed to visit no less than 3 bakeries! It was awesome. And Mom, I am definitely incorporating them into next years budget...and already thinking about ones I want to order! haha

  4. Dude! I've been hating on cupcakes recently--but those sound like some good yummy cupcakes. You should post your sketches of your friends weddign dress!

    Also, if you want to buy your mom a card, I will soon be selling them for pretty cheap. like not 50 cents (which is your usaul going rate )but stillllll pretty good. I'll keep you posted ;)

  5. I am thinking I might need to order those! But I need them to motivate me to finish my LAST 2 classes.

  6. There are supposed to be some good cupcake places around DC...maybe we can try a few when you come down!