Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super Saturday

VERY busy week, with Saturday being no exception.  In the morning I ran in my first ever 5k, in fact, I think it has the first time I have ever been in any sort of foot race since the 50 yard dash in elementary school.  And, what do ya know, I wind up getting the second place ribbon!  (waking up sober definitely has its perks, haha)  At any rate I was SO PROUD!  Here's some photos:

Coming in for my big finish.

And the much-coveted 2nd place ribbon.

From there, it was a mess of curlers and nail polish as I got ready for the MLSA (minority student law student association- I'm in the Women's Law Caucus, so I am technically actually a part of it) Banquet, which was really great.  It was a nice venue, amazing international food, and a par-tay all night long! (almost)
And I even had a cute date :)
And check out these curls- whoa! I didnt think my hair could even do that!

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  1. Girl, that's fantastic! You're a swimmer, too, so its extra-tough to run because the whole time you just think about how much better it feels to be swimming (If I remember correctly, you hate running, maybe memory serves me wrong)

    But man, the chick stole my insomnia memoirs idea? Whatever, mine is going to be illustrated--she can't beat that! It's going to be like an acid trip from the front page to the end--like some dream illustrated sequence of college/not sleeping/being an artist/failing calculus. Don't worry about my idea, Lindsey, it is safe with me.

    Anywho--I don't know when I'm coming up to NY anymore, it all depends when I get work and how much I get paid. It basically depends on the economy and how much I'm willing to spend. So it might be for a few weeks or just a weekend. I don't know yet.

    PS I got an etsy account. I don't sell anything yet, it's called pthaloazul . Keep an eye out because I remade your old necklace that you didn't want anymore cuz it was years old into a sweet bracelet. You can buy it and then, hypothetically, buy the same thing twice ;)