Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sorry, DC + good news

I would say "my bad," but if I did, my mom would probably strangle me the next time she saw me.  However, I will say sorry for being a slacker.  I'm alive and BUSY!  ...and about to get much busier. :(

But the good news is that I'm moving next month!  Yay!  So Pier 1 has become my newest best friend and I've already been there twice this week...its bad...but its really exciting!  So I'm moving into a bit bigger place, it has a deck, I'll be able to grill, still walking distance to school, right across the street from the gym (yes!), and right next door to my closest law school homegirl, Vika, so we can give each other social support :)  And I will finally graduate from a twin bed!  I guess that finally makes me a grown up...finally.

Also good is that my briefs are all done for the year!  That is SUCH a relief.  No grade back yet, but I pretty much don't care anymore!  It's just done and that's all that matters!

More good news is that I received funding for working with a local legal services office this summer- SO EXCITING!  I will be able to pay rent!  Yay!  haha

So way back on my Spring Break, which just more like an extra study break...not much relaxing about it...Dan and I managed to sneak away for a day down to DC and it was really nice.  I was sad that we were a bit premature for the cherry blossoms, but we conquered the Smithsonian(s) and it was a lot of fun.  We even saw a mouse running around downstairs in the cafe of the Museum of American History- people were screaming and everything- quite the excitement, haha.

Evidence to support the former assertions:


  1. Ah is this the new place you were talking about that needed 5 $ wall art?

  2. I like the gate! Are you ready for the Peanuts sheet?