Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looking the Part

This is a candid photo of me conquering the concrete jungle with my impressive lawyer looks and skills:

Haha- do you like the glasses?   A friend actually took this out her window (slightly creepy) when I was on my way to sign my new lease.  Yes I wore the fake glasses and the fake name badge to sign my lease...actually my landlady suddenly started throwing in stuff and I'm guessing that it MUST have been the glasses :) 

Still confused?  I was a medical witness in a mock trial right after this photo was taken.  In fact, I did so well the judge asked me afterwords if I was actually a doctor.  Again, totally the glasses.  I almost wore them to my oral argument this week, since they appear to be quite effective.


  1. What a girl! You are too funny. Well done at the mock trial, and I bet your arguments went great, even without the glasses:-) Grandma wants to know what the landlady threw in! love you

  2. haha. Well, as soon as I walked in lookin all legit, she suddenly informed me that she was putting in a new shower head and curtain rod, refinishing the floors, and repainting, and I asked her to put in a new outlet and she said okay! Crazy!

  3. ahhhhhhh, i miss you so much

  4. Oh my word, you've been sucked into the Hipster Glasses, thats what--it's nothing to do with being 'profesh'--if only you had fallen into this trend during our crisis in White Gables!

    all we had then was me being delusional at 2 AM and swearing at the plumber until he finally informed me that he was a plumber come to save us from the pathogins, remember that?