Friday, March 12, 2010

Educating Myself: Clafouti

After receiving an excellent cookbook from an excellent friend, affectionately referred to as Binka, I have been learning about the French dessert called the clafoutis (sometimes with and sometimes without the "s" on the end).  I had never heard of them before and so I went to work!  After a little research they are traditionally made with black cherries and covered in a thick flan-like batter and baked and voila!  Clafouti. Dan and I tend to say "caflooti" just rolls off the tongue better.  So we tried a cherry one with a chocolate batter, pretty good.  But our pride and joy was the blueberry clafouti:

Heck, yeah- that thing is beautiful!  Even with a glowing wand of home-whipped cream.  Unfortunately, I just found out that its not a real clafouti since its not actually made with cherries, meaning its actually a flaugnarde...but that's even harder to say, so whatever.  I was just amazed that there are foods that are so great that I'd never even heard of before!  The world is so full of great things!  It reminded me of the desserts I used to eat in Australia like Yo-Yo cookies and Pavlova that they just don't really have here.  Guess it's time for another international jaunt!

Also, I've made some smoothies that constituted hugely epic fails, but yesterday I finally made a Jamba quality delicious and nutritious smoothie:
-1c frozen mixed berries
-1/2 c nonfat plain yogurt
-1c fresh spinach
-1T ground flaxseed
-2/3 c pure orange-carrot juice
-1/4 c 100% concord grape juice

Seriously, amazing!  Do you even realize how many vitamins are in that?!  Not to mention minerals, omegas, fiber, and NO (refined) sugar! WHOA!  And no, you can't taste to spinach so don't be scared!


  1. Lindsey! Comics and Graphic Novels are the same thing! LOL!

  2. That does look amazing! I can tell I'm hungry! :)

  3. I'm actually pretty impressed the boy likes graphic novels, perhaps he'll help you change that bad attitude of yours about them ;P