Sunday, February 21, 2010


  Just celebrated my 23rd and it was great!  Its so nice to get packages from my family, mostly because its evidence that they haven't completely forgotten about me, but also because they have really great taste!

  So to start off the celebrating, Dan and I put to use our recently acquired ice cream maker (BEST purchase ever!) and made some fantastic, special birthday custard!  Here's what I chose:
-Super rich dark chocolate custard
-Thin Mint cookie crumbles
-Marshmallow creme ribbon
Needless to say, it was PHENOMENAL!  Here's me getting caught eating straight out of the ice cream maker...with chocolate all over my face...lay off me, its my birthday! :D

Then on the weekend I had a great birthday dinner with my friends at Cafe Bruges, which is an awesome Belgian restaurant here in town and we had a great time.  The food was awesome!

 I had:
-steamed Bruges-style mussels
-lots of pom frites (even in a paper cone, cool!)
-AMAZING crepes with ham, asparagus, and gruyere sauce
-a bite of my neighbor's quiche

-and an awesome belgian waffle for dessert


Great b-day!
And this was my new b-day dress:



  1. I am glad you mentioned the birthday dress because I was just thinking ot myself - "Linds looks HOT in that DRESS!" That custard adn waffle both looked so good to me. I can tell I'm hungry :) Hope it was a great day. I apologize for no phone calls or packages from teh carlile's... our plate is a little full right now ;) loves to you!

  2. Cute dress and yummy on the mussels. Happy birthday:-)

  3. Not stalking, I promise! Your blogspot address shows up in my gmail contacts, so I chanced a look at both of your blogs. You are definitely an intriguing person... :) Happy belated birthday. Say hi to Dan sometime for me.

    ps- we're playing b-ball and that swedish floorball game on Thurs pm after mutual if you or Dan are interested. Love to have you.

  4. Super cute dress girl, have you been shopping like crazy over there? Maybe it's just the pics you've taken I don't recognize the outfits and I lived with you for two years so I knew everything that everyone I lived with wears (only because I draw everyone.)