Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Symphony!

Chalking up another one for my classiness meter, I attended the symphony last night! 

First, I had a Near East Nostalgia dinner by going to this place I just discovered call Sphinx and FINALLY had some basbousa (little cakes covered with honey and almonds) which I saw all the time on the streets of Jerusalem, but I was always a little scared to buy one since there were usually flies all over it, so now was my chance and it was delish!

Then there was the big event of the evening: The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra!  We heard some Beethoven, and a few amazing Rachmaninoff pieces, and also a song from a more contemporary artist.  It was really great.  Although, I think we were the only people there within a couple decades of our ages! :)  Just precociously classy I guess.


  1. very fun! the Eskimo behind Dan looks close to your age:-)

  2. Lol next step take him to the opera!