Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Homie!

   I am super excited to announce that I have just made a new friend in this vast world- the US Ambassador to Kuwait!  So I'm on the executive board of the Penn State Human Rights Law Society (are you surprised) and we are arranging a speaker event, so I was searching the State Department website and discovered that Ambassador Deborah Jones is a BYU grad!  I was ALL OVER THAT!   So I just bit the bullet and overcame the butterflies of trying to contact a VIP and just sat down and actually sent her (or at least someone on her staff who got it to her somehow) an email, explaining who I was and telling her about my interests and that I was a student at the Jerusalem Center and fellow BYU grad.  And then a miracle happened...she responded!

  So cool!!

  She gave me some great contact info and even said:

"Youve chosen a great career path.  Eventually you might find yourself joining our ranksas have other lawyers bored with the routine of their daily work." 

  So that was really awesome.  Just thought I would share :D

(PS- come one, you know I can only go so many posts without talking about the Middle East, lets be real)


  1. That really is wonderful Linny!!!, she sounds interested in what you are doing! Will she be able to come for your activity?

  2. Wow, you just never know. The BYU connection probably helped. Yes, I can see you as an ambassador to some exotic nation.