Friday, January 29, 2010

My day in court

   Well, after months of brooding (and after racking up some other parking tickets in the meanwhile...its kind of ridiculous), I finally got to exercise my right to a fair trial!  Kind of..."fair" being the word in question.

  I am always suspicious when the judge and the plaintiff are asking each other about their families, referring to one anothers' kids on a first-name basis.  Like I said, suspicious.

  But even fishier was that when I received my ticket and subsequently my summons, no one and nothing ever told me that my offense included punishment that was greater than a fine.  So my jaw totally dropped when the judge said that she should be suspending my license for a whopping 90 days and putting points all over my license and insurance junk on top of that!  WHOA!  I must be a serious criminal!  I was shocked!  But, in her infinite mercy, she only made me pay the fine, which was all I thought I was fighting anyway...good thing I hadn't just paid the fine instead of trying to fight it, otherwise I would have been suddenly stuck without a driver's license for the rest of the semester!

So, I didn't get what I went to court all...but at least I avoided some steep surprise consequences!

I guess that's why they call me Felonious Ruth! :)

And that is DEFINITELY why we need good Legal Services attorneys, because the legal system is often so inaccessible and hard to understand that the common person, or even the new law school person, could get left behind and have their rights put in jeopardy!  Go public interest attorneys! 

Moral of the story: when you see a firetruck on your street, even if its parked without its lights on, DO NOT try to drive past it.  Just sit at home all day.  It doesn't matter if you're just trying to be on time for church or if you have somewhere else important to go.  Forget it.  Don't move!  That's apparently why we have the "failure to obey road barricades" statute.


  1. Good Grief! I think it is a revenue scam. Good job for being proactive about your rights. Now, just watch for the signs and lie low for awhile until they forget about you.

  2. PS- enjoy this post while you can, I'm gonna have to delete it when I start getting into my internship applications! :D

  3. Good Grief! What sort of place are you living in? You better come live with us in Moses Lake.
    Also, we have no parking meters.

  4. I think your comment is funnier than the post!!