Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Symphony!

Chalking up another one for my classiness meter, I attended the symphony last night! 

First, I had a Near East Nostalgia dinner by going to this place I just discovered call Sphinx and FINALLY had some basbousa (little cakes covered with honey and almonds) which I saw all the time on the streets of Jerusalem, but I was always a little scared to buy one since there were usually flies all over it, so now was my chance and it was delish!

Then there was the big event of the evening: The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra!  We heard some Beethoven, and a few amazing Rachmaninoff pieces, and also a song from a more contemporary artist.  It was really great.  Although, I think we were the only people there within a couple decades of our ages! :)  Just precociously classy I guess.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My day in court

   Well, after months of brooding (and after racking up some other parking tickets in the meanwhile...its kind of ridiculous), I finally got to exercise my right to a fair trial!  Kind of..."fair" being the word in question.

  I am always suspicious when the judge and the plaintiff are asking each other about their families, referring to one anothers' kids on a first-name basis.  Like I said, suspicious.

  But even fishier was that when I received my ticket and subsequently my summons, no one and nothing ever told me that my offense included punishment that was greater than a fine.  So my jaw totally dropped when the judge said that she should be suspending my license for a whopping 90 days and putting points all over my license and insurance junk on top of that!  WHOA!  I must be a serious criminal!  I was shocked!  But, in her infinite mercy, she only made me pay the fine, which was all I thought I was fighting anyway...good thing I hadn't just paid the fine instead of trying to fight it, otherwise I would have been suddenly stuck without a driver's license for the rest of the semester!

So, I didn't get what I went to court all...but at least I avoided some steep surprise consequences!

I guess that's why they call me Felonious Ruth! :)

And that is DEFINITELY why we need good Legal Services attorneys, because the legal system is often so inaccessible and hard to understand that the common person, or even the new law school person, could get left behind and have their rights put in jeopardy!  Go public interest attorneys! 

Moral of the story: when you see a firetruck on your street, even if its parked without its lights on, DO NOT try to drive past it.  Just sit at home all day.  It doesn't matter if you're just trying to be on time for church or if you have somewhere else important to go.  Forget it.  Don't move!  That's apparently why we have the "failure to obey road barricades" statute.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Homie!

   I am super excited to announce that I have just made a new friend in this vast world- the US Ambassador to Kuwait!  So I'm on the executive board of the Penn State Human Rights Law Society (are you surprised) and we are arranging a speaker event, so I was searching the State Department website and discovered that Ambassador Deborah Jones is a BYU grad!  I was ALL OVER THAT!   So I just bit the bullet and overcame the butterflies of trying to contact a VIP and just sat down and actually sent her (or at least someone on her staff who got it to her somehow) an email, explaining who I was and telling her about my interests and that I was a student at the Jerusalem Center and fellow BYU grad.  And then a miracle happened...she responded!

  So cool!!

  She gave me some great contact info and even said:

"Youve chosen a great career path.  Eventually you might find yourself joining our ranksas have other lawyers bored with the routine of their daily work." 

  So that was really awesome.  Just thought I would share :D

(PS- come one, you know I can only go so many posts without talking about the Middle East, lets be real)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Iron Chef!!

Okay, here's the first normal person blog...its really hard...I really want to say something about Pharmaceutical companies, but I will refrain.  Instead I will talk about what I am up to, or at least try!

So, recently Dan and I had the brilliant idea of hosting an Iron Chef competition since we both like to cook and we are both very competitive.  And since we had a day off of school on Monday, we decided to go for it!

Mom and Aunt Kay conspired to come up with the secret ingredient which, much to our surprise, was GRAHAM CRACKERS!  We totally laughed when we saw that, but then went straight to work!  After about 10 minutes of recipe planning (without the use of internet or friends), and 30 minutes allotted to grocery shopping, the 1 hour time limit started ticking!

Here's what the end products were:

Iron Chef Lindsey
-pink trout marinated in coconut milk, dusted with finely crushed graham crackers and black pepper, baked with lemon slices on top.  Served with a mango salsa of chopped mango, red pepper, red onion, jalapeno pepper, and lemon juice

-baked pasta with olive oil, chopped prosciutto, red pepper, and fresh basil leaves, and mozzarella.  Topped with a mixture of 3 Italian white cheeses, bread crumbs, and graham cracker crumbs.

-Fruit tart with a graham cracker, almond, and honey base, topped with vanilla ice cream and mango sorbet, and sliced nectarines with raspberries.

Iron Chef Daniel 
-Baked tilapia with coarse graham cracker crust of chopped macadamia nuts, butter, parmesan cheese, oregano, and parsley

-Parfait of cool whip folded with vanilla yogurt, crumbled graham crackers and granola, and fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

As far as scoring, according to the judges:

Presentation- Lindsey
Use of the Ingredient- Daniel
Taste- tie, L & D

So basically a tie, but because my dessert wasnt quite set at the time of consumption, Dan took that to mean that he was the ultimate winner.  Whatever.  I'm actually the real winner because he makes me dinner all the time! :D

All in all, a super fun event, but for all you married folks it would be difficult since you would have to share the kitchen, which might lead to knife fights over the oven, so just be careful.  And happy eating!

A la cuisine!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010